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Micro Deposit Scheme, Small Deposit Scheme, R.D Scheme 13%, Souharda Bhagyalakshmi Scheme, Deepavali Scheme, Lakshpathi Scheme

Welcome to the The Pavagada Souharda Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd which strives for the financial strengthening among the members. A product by the young cooperative intellectuals from different fields such as engineers, doctors, social workers, businessmen and agriculturists. The Pavagada Souharda Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd was started its functioning on 24th may 2002. The cooperative was registered under Karnataka State Souharda Sahakari Act 1997 .



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SRI B H KRISHNAREDDY BE (CIVIL).,A.M.I.E.,

FOUNDER PRESIDENT                    

The Pavagada Souharda Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd organised by the inspiration and guidance of Sri .B.H. Krishna Reddy along with 240 share holders with an intial amount of Rs 25 lakhs, has grown to 1059 share holders of capital amount of R.s 158.5(in lakhs) in a short span of 12 years, with a turnover of 227 crores. Respect to the Souharda Co-Operative Principles has made the co-operative to focus on continued growth. We at The Pavagada Souharda Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd have been rendering Various Financial services to the needy members.

We are very gratefull to you all who has been in active support for our various activities from the beginning.

The Co-operative has started its business in the premises with fully Computerized, Safe Deposit Lockers facilities, in an A/C atmosphere. It has been a privilege to say that TPSMCL has maintained dividend rate @13% throughout its career, we have localized ourself from kolar to Bangalore, we have 21 branches through the state and 7 branches in Bangalore